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The Bob Russo Story

If you want to know who I really am, watch this video. My friend and fellow coach Rich Litvin interviews me about my journey from programmer to Executive, what I learned from my parents, and how a single act of courage put my career on warpspeed. 

Then at 20:40, Rich puts the pieces of my life story together and reports it back to me. He explains how my father’s reputation as a little league coach shaped my leadership style, how my mother’s sense of humor taught me how to get my team through tough times, and labels me a consiglieri– advisor to the brightest and smartest people in their field. 

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Where Executive meets Divine

In this group coaching session, I’m singled out to discuss my philosophy on getting things done, breaking the rules and having fun within a corporate structure, and how I’m learning to reconcile two seemingly contradictory sides of myself.

After an introduction from Rich, at 16:00, on a call with over a hundred people, he says “Bob, let’s play. What would you love to create?”.  And we embark on a 15 minute journey where I reveal my biggest secret. To hear Rich tell it:

“You find people who talk about the spiritual realm and intuition, you find people who talk about how to be successful in the corporate world and working with executives and high level leaders. It’s very rare you find someone who’s willing to speak about the truth in the middle. It’s like a venn diagram with two almost separate circles, and in that tiny sliver where they overlap, there’s Bob Russo.” 

Vids: Welcome
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