Wild Path

Masterclass for
Leaders on the Spiritual Path

Group Coaching Program
Led by Bob Russo & Gilad Karni

You are a leader. You are an executive or an athlete. The fans in the audience, the members of your organization don’t always see you standing out from the rest of the team. Yet you and your team, your organization, know that you are the glue that holds everyone together. When you are not present things don’t run smoothly, more mistakes are made and decisions making is more difficult.

You are a quiet leader. Your strength comes from an inner source of confidence others may not have; you don’t need to stand out in the crowd because you have a rock-solid sense of who you are. This strength comes from a knowing you belong to something bigger than yourself. You have a sense of connection to a higher being, higher purpose. You want to connect with other like-minded leaders more deeply and obtain greater results. It’s time for your gift to make more impact in the world.

About Bob

Bob is known as The Divine Executive™. Bringing the Spirit of the Divine to those who get things done. Bob calls it Spiritual Intelligence™. In a past career, Bob was an executive at IBM. Now he is a coach and consultant to high-level executives and executive game-changers. Bob served as a member of the International Coaching Federation board of directors.

About Gilad

Gilad is a former professional basketball player and a former Special Forces Operative. Gilad is a transformational coach and a leadership advisor to high-level leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their highest potential. Over the years, Gilad has explored different fields like mindfulness, meditation and anatomy to enhance his own connection to spirit and performance, and to help his clients be their very best.

Bob and Gilad are certified coaches and have trained with some of the world's elite coaches like Rich Litvin and Leon Vanderpol. Gilad and Bob bring together decades of leadership and coaching experience with leaders in high-performing, high-pressure environments.

And they keep deepening the connection to spirit for themselves and their clients. 

Join a group of other great leaders and learn how to use your unique leadership qualities to make bigger impact with bigger purpose to yourself and your organization.

We kick off on January 12 2021

Program Dates

90-minute group meetings

  • Tuesdays - 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 10pm CET (Europe)

  • January 12th & 26th

  • February 16th

  • March 2nd & 23rd

  • April 13th

  • May 4th & 18th

  • June 1st & 15th

  • Online Intensive weekend - April 24th 25th (two 4-hour days).

Program Details

  • 2-on-1 strategy session with Bob & Gilad prior to the start date to help you craft your Masterclass goals

  • Biweekly 90-minute group meetings over Zoom

  • 1 online intensive weekend - 2 four-hour days on Saturday and Sunday.

  • 2-on-1 strategy session at the end of the program to craft what you would like to accomplish after the program.

  • Resource center - all meetings will be recorded and available to watch anytime after the meetings; relevant resources will also be made available.

  • A messaging group for ongoing communication and support.

Each Masterclass has no more than 10 individuals. The number is small to create a greater sense of community, build stronger connections and develop a cohort of trusted colleagues for you to support and be supported by. We meet twice a month for 6 months by zoom. Each member also receives 1-on-1 time with Bob or Gilad for coaching, advice, connection, sharing and consulting.

Your investment

  • Until Sep 30th, 2020:

    $13,500 - that includes the addition of 5 private sessions prior to the program start (a 2-on-1 strategy session and 4 individual sessions).

  • October 1st to October 30th:

    $14,250 - that includes the addition of 3 private sessions until we begin (a 2-on-1 strategy session and 2 individual sessions).

  • After October 31st:

    $15K - that includes a 2-on-1 strategy session.

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Bob Russo & Gilad Karni


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