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Reflections on Leadership Coaching

If you are not ready then no amount of time or money will help...

If you are truly not ready don't judge yourself and don’t invest until you are more certain.

If you are not committed to taking responsibility for your action you will see little change in you leadership...

Commitment is key. No doubt you are a person who is committed, you could not have achieved as much success as you have with knowing commitment. But you must be willing to commit to showing up on time for your coaching sessions and to take what you learn seriously and practice. Just imagine a great athlete who has the ability but doesn’t show up for practice. They will not achieve as much success as they would if they committed to their being coached.

Sometimes there are external factors that keep you from being ready. A new project that leaves little time, a move to a new city or location, a significant change to your lifestyle...

So often people are ready to be coached but their circumstances are not favorable to being coached. Be patient, you will know when it is the right time.

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