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Success depends on your leadership

Executive Game Changers brings you insights and opportunities to lead yourself and others to greater success

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Leadership Strategies

If the following statements sound familiar then we need to talk:

  • “My employees just don’t think for themselves. I have to make ever decision for them.”

  • “My employees just don’t think about all of the other factors and people affected by what they do. They should know this stuff by now.”

  • “If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them 1000 times how to do this. Why can’t they get it”

  • “If you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself.”

  • “I’m amazed I get anything accomplished in a day with everyone making demands of my time.”

  • “My employees are entirely reactive; they don’t think forward (or proactively).”

  • “I don’t want excuses anymore; I want results.”

  • “Does my boss want me to read his/her mind? They tell me to get something done, but they really only want it done their way.” 

Discover how The Energy Leadership Program (Copyright © 2019 | Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) ) can bring you greater insight into your leadership skills.

Develop Your Highest Power

If you have already achieved great things in your life and career but deep down you know there is something greater about to happen, and you cannot clearly identify exactly what that is,  then you might be ready to have a powerful conversation with Bob Russo.

Many people have found clarity, focus and direction with just one session. Many have asked for help in creating their deepest desires. 

Either way, you will benefit from a conversation with Bob. This is my gift to you.

Are you ready for coaching?

This is a great question and many people don't exactly know how to take the first step to answer it.

So we have a quick way to help. 

It is our belief that everyone will benefit working with a coach at least once in their lives. The Executive Game Changers want to be there when you are ready. Take the survey to determine your readiness.

No mater what your results are still schedule time with Bob Russo to take the next step to see if coaching is for you.

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