I have the experience, wisdom and skills to transform the way you experience life and bring you greater success.

My clients are highly successful people. They include athletic champions of the highest achievement, artists who perform on the world's greatest stages, and corporate superstars. 
Despite their high level of success, many of them have something they are hiding -they don't recognize how their success has prevented them from being true to themselves.
They may have a lifelong dream that has been sacrificed in service to success. 
They may have a secret desire they have kept hidden - something they have never been able to express.


Tell me what you cannot tell anyone else

As your  adviser and coach I will create a safe and trusting environment where you can share the thoughts and emotions you don't dare tell anyone.
It is in these moments that you will begin to experience life with greater insight.
You will translate these insights into achievements you can not otherwise imagine.




From large organizations to individual executives, Executive Game Changers has a diverse client-base. Regardless of the scale, the result is always the same - impactful results and lasting change. Check out their client list and reviews below.

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International Opera Signer

Top performers work well with me. I inspire them to great heights. I met Karin when she had just graduated college where she studied opera. She had just won the coveted Jenny Lind Song Competition, which allowed her to travel the world and sing to audiences across the globe. Karin was uncertain about what direction to take her career. She could not see beyond the borders of her beloved country, Sweden. 

While in Sweden, I watched her on stage at the Royal Opera House.  She was performing alone on stage, creating the magic only great performers can, and I knew immediately she would be an opera star. 

Karin and I worked together over two years' time. At the beginning, Karin was hesitant to be so bold as to say she would sing on the world stage. Early on she said to me, "I only want to sing. It does not matter if one person is listening or thousands". That's when I said, "if it doesn't matter then let's shoot for thousands". 

Karen has performed title roles in New York City and around the world. Last year she was awarded a full scholarship to The Juilliard School's Artist Diploma in Opera Studies program.



Software Engineer - Motivational Speaker

Aditya and I began coaching when he was a successful software engineer in a large corporation. His corporate future was ahead of him. He could have easily climbed the ladder of success but he was feeling reluctant to take the steps necessary. He felt there was something holding him back. More so, he felt there was something missing.

My question to him was, "If money were not a worry what would you do to bring you joy?". I had no idea what his answer would be, but to my surprise his answer came quickly - "I would travel the world!".

That question and that answer were all that was needed to release the energy required for him to find a way to make that happen. All I said was, "What is the first step you can take to make that happen?" From that moment to today, Aditya and his wife are living their dream life. 

They travel the world giving empowering speeches to other software engineers, helping them find their paths to happiness. They both have thriving coaching practices with clients around the globe.