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Executive Game Changers

Changing the rules you play by.

Your life and career are to be played by your rules.

Executive Game Changers will create the environment for you to discover the rules according to your drives, your skills and what satisfies you. We then help you discover the freedom it takes to live by them.


Executive Game Changers

Bob Russo, Principal
M.A., ACC ICF Certified Coach

We work with highly successful professionals who know that the rules that got them where they are now are not the rules to get them further.

Working with us will unleash your greater potential and have you live your life and career with greater fulfillment and passion.


Services offered by Executive Game Changers

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Young Professionals Development  Workshops

Seize the Opportunity

Our highly experienced coaches will take you through an interactive group workshop to develop greater purpose and passion in your life and career. You will leave with a clear understanding of what steps you need to take to live a more satisfying life and career.

Individual Executive Coaching

Get Ready to Take Action

Individual coaching with one of the Executive Game Changers will lead you to a deeper understanding of your life and career. We create a safe and nonjudgemental environment where the total focus is on you and your dreams. You decide what you want for your life and career. We will keep you focused and accountable to living your best life.

Young Professional Development Workshops
Young Professionals Development Workshop December 9 2019
Mon, Dec 09
WeWork Conference Room 5C
Dec 09, 2019, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST
WeWork Conference Room 5C, 404 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018, USA
The IT! Program: You will discover, what you love to do and what brings you satisfaction. You will become clear on what brings you a balance of passion and purpose in all things in your life and career.

The results you can expect...

Authentic Testimonials


Thomas Pham

Product Manager

American Association for Cancer Reseach

Bob's coaching techniques have allowed me to reach my goal of becoming a certified Professional Project Manager (PMP). He helped me see career opportunities I would not have otherwise seen or believed I could have reached.

One word that describes Bob: Experienced

Alan and Lindsay Miniaci

Business Owners

Sweetly Anchored Balery

Being entrepreneurs and owners of our own business, while being married to each other is a complicated endeavor. Our sessions with Bob, both individually and as a couple, have allowed us to make our dreams come true, and be the best versions of ourselves. Bob has shown us the value of communication, techniques to reduce stress, and how to lead our lives to our highest potential.

One word to describe Bob: skillful.

Jim Hoskinson

Director of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

My sessions with Bob combine small steps with the big picture. I began working with Bob to work on the minutiae of my life; he has helped me quite quickly, to focus on reaching modest, reachable goals that I could truly commit to. I think of him as my accountability partner as I work to establish more productive habits.

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